Interview: Illuminati Hotties’ Sarah Tudzin Talks First LP on New Label

In the aftermath of the Tiny Engines Records implosion in 2019, one of the most creative albums of 2020 was born. Stuck in a contract with a label that was quickly going under, Sarah Tudzin spent several weeks putting together a record to fulfill her contract obligations and move on.  

“Right at the end of 2019 was when it became apparent that Tiny Engines was not really in a position to put out the record,” Tudzin says. “So, I tabled it, worked through January 2020 and a little of February to make Free I.H., and then sort of picked up the pieces after that.”  

The subtitle of Free I.H. was This Is Not the One You’ve Been Waiting For. About a year and a half later, the record alluded to earlier, Let Me Do One More, was finally released on October 1, 2021.  

Fans who saw Illuminati Hotties during their tour with PUP in 2019 might recognize some of the songs on Let Me Do One More— that’s how long Tudzin has had some of these bangers in her back pocket.  

“I think it’s always hard to sit on music that has been around, and that I’ve known for so long, and that I’ve gone through ups and downs of hating for so long,” she says. “It’s much easier to just sort of do what I did with Free I.H. which is make it, turn it in, don’t look at it again, put it out, move on.”  

But even though the span of time in development was much longer than it was for its predecessor, Let Me Do One More still feels immediate.  

“I don’t want it to feel stale or old when I’m doing all this stuff, when I’m promoting or when I’m on tour. And I don’t think it does,” Tudzin says. 

Tudzin is releasing the record on her own label, Snack Shack Tracks, which she formed in partnership with Hopeless Records. Through this arrangement, she has full creative freedom of her own work, and can also offer support for other bands she loves.  

“After everything that happened, it was important for me to be able to maintain some kind of creative control over my album and maintain a curative effort for hopefully what will be a burgeoning roster of bands under Snack Shack Tracks, once I can start spinning the wheels on that. And luckily, we have this partnership with Hopeless, who’s been so kind and so receptive and given the resources [to] me and let me run with it,” she explains.   

What many fans love about Tudzin’s music is the genre-defying range she pours into everything she releases. Let Me Do One More is no exception. Throughout the record, she folds in pop, rock, punk, and sometimes even country, pushing herself into new territory she hadn’t previously explored and expanding the ever-growing range of what Illuminati Hotties is.  

“It comes a lot from the music I love to listen to, which is a lot of kinds of music,” she laughs.  

The magic of Illuminati Hotties is the way Tudzin is able to brilliantly blend all these different sounds and genres while still sounding flawlessly cohesive, and this is why so many supporters are along for the ride.  

“I feel like I’ve been able to not box myself in too much, and people are open to it, they’re coming with me and they’re coming to the shows, and they’re excited about it,” Tudzin says. “I wanna just be able to keep doing that.” 

Watch the lyric video for “Threatening Each Other Re: Capitalism” here:

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