No Frills: An Interview with Madrid’s Nigromante

Interview with A.M.  |  By hutch

Nigromante is a heavy metal band from Madrid, Spain, formed in 2003. While seeming an effortless description, the basic approach is the one desired. It’s rock and roll. It’s heavy metal. You don’t have to tweak it. And while every writer searches for a new microcosmic sub-sub-subgenre, Nigromante eschews the frills. They just do it with attitude and volume. Big chunky, metal riffs that settle between Ride the Lightning and Man-O-War come crashing in with a refreshingly direct approach.

Vocalist/guitarist A.M. also plays bass in Steel Horse, which is Spanish for “traditional heavy metal.” He has also been producing other Spanish bands like Omission, Wild, and Beast. Nigromante’s other culprit, drummer J.S., is the bass player in Rancor- one of the oldest bands in Spain.

Black Magic Night dropped on January 7th 2014. But the band keeps moving with “the chance to write some new stuff for the second album, before we have to get heavily into the touring plans for Nigromante. We have five songs almost finished and are working on more, so it looks like we are working hard.”

Europe races to brace itself for the relentless onslaught of Nigromante.

“We will be touring Spain in March and April and we’ve got some contacts and plans for Italy, Germany and United Kingdom in May. We are willing to take the Black Magic Night everywhere we can, so anyone interested in the band can get in touch!” extends A.M.

Black Magic Night was recorded in Trase Cero, the studio where A.M. works. He explains, “As a two piece band, with the engineer being one of us, we had to track separate instruments instead of going live in the studio; which would have been my favorite choice.” That disappointment is not apparent on the album’s fierce delivery. All factors are explored as they bask in delving deep into Melvins/Sabbath droopy blues metal (as in “Satan Death Squad”) to the exhilarating, revenge soaked riffs of Bathory, beefed up KISS (“In Nomine Peter”), and Saint Vitus. AM claims no escape from the influence on his sleeves; listing Anvil, Motörhead, Angel Witch, Black Sabbath, Ironsword, Venom, Judas Priest.

Regardless from which end of the spectrum they are extracting guidance, the energy is the constant between all songs. A.M. touts that each track on the album “has been tracked with very few takes to keep it fresh. We don’t mind about leaving some mistakes there. No auto-tune, beat detective, triggers or other shit were used during the mixing process, what people hear in the album is what we are.”  |

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