Video Premiere & Interview: Amy Guess – “Holy Hell”

A sinister but amorphous voice rolls through the thick atmosphere of “Holy Hell.” Amy Guess wraps her incredible range and power into an ambient rock tune that bounces with her production. The music video matches the songs swaying grace with images of a carnival and different mini performances. Guess paces her tenor and dynamics well; saving her breathtaking presence for each and every chorus. Take a listen to “Holy Hell” below and see the accompanied music video. The song is off of her soon to be upcoming EP. Read farther for an exclusive interview with Amy Guess!

Amy’s thoughts about the song, “this song is about how fragile you feel when it comes to love, how scary it can be letting your guard down and becoming vulnerable, but how important that is and how good it feels when you do. Love is the wildest, most terrifying, amazing, turbulent ride we can’t get enough of.”

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“This song is really mischievous and fun so I wanted the video to play off of that. It’s got ominous moods happening throughout the production that got me thinking of some weird carnival of tricksters. I told my good friend Eric Cannon, who directed it, about the idea and he took the idea, expanded it with more cool characters and hit the ground running. We got some fabulously talented Vegas friends to join us in a little studio and shot it all in one day. Hope you have fun watching!”

How does it feel to be here?

Honestly, I’ve been on this journey for a good ten years. It’s been a wild ride. I feel like the last year is when I started regaining confidence in myself. In the last year I lost confidence in my songwriting. This last year and this upcoming EP, I got that back. I started speaking from my soul and confidently, and focused on being myself. Authentic, conversational. I am excited for this.

What has it been like to be in this industry for a decade and how have you seen it change? 

For myself, there’s been a lot of empowerment over the last ten years. I was more timid, as far as being in the room with producers. I was quite shy and intimidated over having power over my sound. I have gained, again, that confidence of knowing exactly what I want to hear and make my voice heard in the room. Seeing other women in the business has been inspiring to see their word and their direction has been inspiring to me. Specifically, K. Flay has made a huge impact on me, especially seeing her come up. Women are taking their place in the business right now and it’s fierce and inspiring. 

I am also lucky to have my husband, who is a complete tank and supports me whole heartedly. I have my parents who are constant supporters and still come to shows. 

What advice would you give to people who are not sure what they are doing right now?

I would say 100% believe in yourself, believe in what you want to say and what you want to sound. You do not have to look at anyone else and think of them as your template. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Believe in it.

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