Here are ten new releases you should be listening to this week!

Glitter Wizard – “A Spell So Evil”

Album: Opera Villains  (Heavy Psych Sound Records)

“A Spell So Evil” by Glitter Wizard casts some groovy guitar magic akin to the great rock ‘n’ roll of the 70s. The San Francisco band have a throwback sound that feels so fun in 2019.

Field Medic – henna tattoo

Album: fade into the dawn (Run For Cover Records)

San Francisco folk project Field Medic’s third album, fade into the dawn, is out today on Run For Cover Records. The single, “Henna Tattoo,” is a vulnerable song about romantic insecurities that just about anyone can relate to.

Grand Magus – “Wolf God”

Album: Wolf God (Nuclear Blast Records)

The title track to Swedish metal trio Grand Magus’ new album, Wolf God, is an epic guitar journey that tells a story in just under four minutes. A song called “Wolf God” wouldn’t be complete without an actual wolf howl, and that’s what really ties this song together.

Dead To A Dying World – “The Seer’s Embrace”

Album: Elegy (Profound Lore Records)

If you like doom, here’s over 11 minutes of it. This long, heavy song from Texas metal band Dead To A Dying World is one of six tracks on the band’s new album, Elegy, which is available today.

Self Defense Family – “Awaiting Acknowledgment”

Album: Performative Guilt (6131 Records)

The new EP from post-hardcore band Self Defense Family explores heavy subject matter through somber music. “Awaiting Acknowledgment” is a dark track about the passing of a loved one. The song drips with a pain that can only be felt by someone who has experienced this specific kind of grief.

Right On, Kid – “Tracer”

Album: When Words Are Enough (Manic Kat Records)

Right On, Kid! released their new EP today, and the lead single, “Tracer,” features Ryan Rumchaks of Knuckle Puck and Homesafe. The Albuquerque band play a catchy brand of pop punk that will make listeners want to revisit their Warped Tour years.

American War Machine – “Unholy War”

Album: Unholy War (Bridge Nine Records)

The title track to Amercian War Machine’s new album, Unholy War, is hardcore at its finest. Short, fast, and aggressive as hell, it packs a mighty punch in just under two minutes.

Heart Attack Man – “Out For Blood”

Album: Fake Blood (Triple Crown Records)

“Out For Blood” is a great pop/emo track off Heart Attack Man’s new record, Fake Blood.  It’s exactly the kind of catchy rock goodness you’d expect from the midwestern group.

Sabbath Assembly – “A Welcome Below”

Album: A Letter Of Red (Svart Records)

It is fitting that Sabbath Assembly’s new album is coming out Easter weekend. The goth-metal band’s music sounds like hymns from the choir of the darkest church imaginable.

Sad Planets – “Not Of This World”

Album: Akron, Ohio (Tee Pee Records)

Sad Planets is a super-duo featuring Patrick Carney (of The Black Keys) and John Petkovik (of Guided By Voices). Their new band, Sad Planets, is a bit of departure from the bluesy rock they’re known for in their other projects. Sad Planets has more of a psychedelic sound that will surely be a hit with fans of 60s rock.


John Silva is a writer based out of Indianapolis who loves pro wrestling almost as much as he loves music. You can follow him on Twitter @hawkeyesilva.

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