Paris-based Londoner ALA.NI just released a new single, ‘BITCH’, the latest to emerge from her forthcoming self-written, produced and arranged new album, ACCA, due for release on January 24, 2020.

The new track features a cameo appearance from Iggy Pop (a long-standing fan via his 6Music radio show), who appears on ‘ACCA’ alongside Atlanta and Get Out star Lakeith Stanfield. Written and recorded entirely a cappella, the album is the follow-up to 2016’s widely praised debut You & I, which picked up airplay across 6Music, also securing ALANI amongst the likes of David Lynch, David Byrne and Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

Speaking about the new track – with an outro across which Iggy drawls ‘ALA.NI‘ stop being such a bitch’—she says; “‘BITCH’ was a somewhat humorous apology to a lover and was never meant to be a song, but a personal message.

“He never commented at the time on it, nor my apology, so I thought fuck it; fuck him; I will use it for my own public use! Iggy added a little tag at the end and solidified it all … so yes I am a very pleased [with the] official

BITCH!”A powerful vision of modern womanhood, ACCA is unflinching in its account of pain, anger, sadness, and growth. Written whilst on the road in spots including Paris, Mexico, Los Angeles, the U.K., and New York,  ALA.NI created the album by layering up hundreds of vocal tracks, some of which imitate the sounds of instruments, building a hypnotic world that blurs the lines between vibrating vocal cords, bowed strings, and blown reeds.

Stream the song here. 


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