News: Always Grounded Releases New Song

Always Grounded releases their newest track “Ready When You Are (On Our Knees)” padding the band’s reputation as a purest-of-pure pop-punk group.

The track benefits from Keep Your Secrets, with a slick guitar solo opening the song. Always Grounded doesn’t let up from there, with a bouncy chorus aired over an addicting drum beat.

“Ready When You Are (On Our Knees)” stands out for song structure. The first verse seems to build with various paces before kicking into to overdrive at the chorus. The second verse mellows a bit, to the point where it seems like an entirely different song.

But the track reaches its climax as Always Grounded and Keep Your Secrets blend styles on an excellent closing chorus that begs for repeats. It might be Always Grounded’s best work and is a hugely positive sign for big things to come.

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