Got plans tonight? Cancel them! Code Orange will stream a special live performance beginning at 8pm Eastern Time TONIGHT, July 30, 2020 via the band’s Twitch channel.

Code Orange is calling tonight’s performance Under the Skin, a stripped-down set, reinterpreting cuts from their back catalog, in the style of an “MTV Unplugged” session, but with a nightmarish, digital twist. The band will be performing the set live from The Theatre Factory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Exclusive merch for the event can be purchased here.

You can tune to catch Code Orange’s performance at 8pm EST TONIGHT by clicking here!

A preshow of shorts will begin at 7pm EST hosted by Riki Rachtman of MTV’s Headbangers Ball. A curated playlist of videos they are calling MudTV, and which may or may not include a video from a certain “popular band” from France, widely speculated to be Roadrunner labelmates, Gojira.

Check out the event trailer for MudTV below:

Code Orange released their latest album Underneath on Roadrunner Records in February of this year. Pitchfork famously hated it, but everyone else seemed to like it well enough. NPR said that the Underneath “devours a body of extreme sounds — sludge, noise, metallic hardcore, doom, grunge, industrial and whatever else it takes to make the mosh pit swarm — to make uncompromisingly chaotic metal,” while Stereogum declared it “a conceptual piece about online poisoning…” adding, “the experience of hearing it on headphones is akin to getting torn limb from limb by cybernetic terminators,” and yours truly described the album as “[a] perpetual relapse into a sarcophagus of insatiable hunger… [that] has reset the scales of heaviness” over at Scene Point Blank.

Grab a copy of Underneath from Roadrunner Records here.


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