News: KNIVES Frontman Danny Attack Releases ‘Insatiable Lovers’

Singer and songwriter Danny Attack (KNIVES) releases an alternative song with a pinch of folk titled “Insatiable Lovers.” The track and its music video is a changeup from his band’s recent work and features trumpet player Scott Brown.

“The video concept for ‘Insatiable Lovers’ is much darker than that of “Home’ which I purposely wanted to have a lighter, fun, everything is great skate party type of feel until the end,” Danny explains. “‘Insatiable Lovers’ is more about the collapse of one.”

Originally calling Southern California home, Danny lives in Jacksonville, Florida. He captures the sensibility of Americana roots and blends it with a D.I.Y punk-rock mentality.

“Insatiable Lovers” is thematically tied with Knives new song “Home.”

“I portrayed this visually first by showing the main character, myself, leaving the identical ‘Dear John’ letter that Anna’s character has been left at the end of the ‘Home’ video. Second, by adding cool flashback-type visuals, ‘Insatiable Lovers’ simply has me leaving the note and walking through town. Since the two videos intertwine, I showed flashes of Anna’s character getting ready for ‘something.’ I’ll leave that ‘something’ part for the viewer to find out by watching the video.”

There’s a romantic darkness in Danny’s voice and lyrics that hook into the listener and leave them feeling an almost visceral and cathartic connection to stories of heartbreak and loneliness.

“For an artist to put a video out with his full band, then go on to purposely continue a storyline and release its sequel via a different solo project; either way the idea seemed cool to me at the time so I ran with it.”

Both Danny Attack and the band he fronts, KNIVES, create on Punkerton Records. He’ll soon set out on a solo tour in Europe, followed by a Spring tour across the U.S.

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