Epitaph signed dream pop boys Early Eyes have just released a new single titled “Drawing Myself.”

Describing the themes of the track, vocalist Jake Berglove has the following to say:

“I have become obsessed with untranslatable feelings. The ones you get when you feel warm sand in your toes the first time you step on the beach. The kind-of-embarrassed-but-not-quite one you get while practicing your coffee order in your head before you get to the counter. And, of course, the feelings you get while stopped at a gas station in the dead of night while on a road trip. The senses of isolation, community, sonder, melancholy, and homesickness emulsify into a strange textureless mush of inexplicability. We wrote ‘Drawing Myself’ in an effort to render that road trip feeling as tangible.”

Check out the single “Drawing Myself” below:

“Drawing Myself” is the fourth single Early Eyes have released since signing to Epitaph Records. It follows the singles “I’m Enough,” “Marigolds,” and ”Clarity” released earlier this year.

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