News: Extinction A.D. Release New E.P. ‘Ruthless Intent’

Long Island, NY metallers Extinction A.D. recently dropped their latest E.P., the aptly titled Ruthless Intent via Unique Leader Records.

Ruthless Intent is not just music, it’s a manifesto which questions, confronts, and demands change. Prior to the release of the record Extinction A.D. dropped two singles: “Morality Bait,” and “Prodigal Scum.”

The band, known for their stark and in your face musical style, state:

“Nothing pairs better with questioning any establishment of power than a dose of pure audio adrenaline. ‘Ruthless Intent’ is all about taking matters into your own hands when you know your cause is just. When you combine an idea like that with an unrelenting attack of heavy music, anything is possible.”

Extinction A.D. cite inspiration from writers like Alan Moore and George Orwell, lyricists like Wreak Havoc and Chuck D, and directors like Tarantino and John Carpenter. Musically the band takes a nod from Pantera and Machine Head, as well as 90s offerings from Testament, Sepultura and Slayer.

Photo courtesy of Extinction A.D. 

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