Frank Turner has released the third track from his upcoming split cover album with NOFX—West Coast Vs. Wessex—a rendition of “Falling in Love” from 1997’s So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes.

Turner commented: “When Mike asked me to do a covers split with NOFX, I was blown away and immediately knew that one of the songs I’d do would be “Falling in Love.” I’ve long thought it was one of his best compositions; it’s a beautiful lyric and melody, and I wanted to come at the song in a way that would lay that bare and highlight the beauty of the writing. I think it came out pretty good.”

West Coast Vs. Wessex is out on Fat Wreck Chords July 31, 2020. You can pre-order the album here

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls will perform alongside NOFX on Punk In Drublic Festival’s European 2021 dates. View the dates and purchase tickets here.

Listen to Frank Turner’s version of “Falling in Love” below.

West Coast Vs. Wessex Tracklist

2. Worse Things Happen At Sea
3. Thatcher Fucked The Kids
4. Ballad Of Me And My Friends
5. Glory Hallelujah
6. Scavenger Type
7. Bob
8. Eat The Meek
9. Perfect Government
10. Falling In Love


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