News: Glitterer to Release New Album ‘Rationale’

Post hardcore rock band Glitterer will release their new 12-song LP, Rationale, through Anti- on February 23, 2024. The band have also released a new music video of the song “Plastic” from the album.

Watch the official video of “Plastic” on YouTube:

Glitterer was formed in 2017, by Ned Russin, who started it as a one-man project. After releasing two EPs, Ned added more members to the band. Two more albums followed it: Looking Through The Shades (2019) and Life Is Not A Lesson (2021). With the second album out, more ideas kept coming into Ned’s mind and more songs developed for the third album.

Author and publisher Martin Riker have partially influenced the name of the upcoming album Rationale.

According to the press release:

In his (Martin Riker) most recent novel, The Guest Lecture, records the involuted, anxious, and epigrammatic thoughts that invade a struggling left-wing academic’s mind during an especially dark night of the soul. ‘Ideology,’ the protagonist says to herself at one point, is “all the assumptions you make about how to live, and you live so deeply inside these assumptions that it’s very difficult … to remember which parts of your reality are natural and inevitable, versus which parts are things people just made up.”

Ned Russin talks about the quote:

“That quote and the book’s themes tied a lot into what I was thinking about while writing,” Russin says. “It’s about the need to find pleasure, and maybe more so meaning or purpose, in small, mundane things, the modern anxieties and frustrations with just trying to be a human being. The lyrics touch on a lot of those ideas.”


Preorder Rationale here.


Nicole Dao – keyboard
Jonas Farah – drums
Connor Morin – guitar
Ned Russin – bass and vocals


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Photo courtesy of Glitterer

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