News: Goalkeeper Releases New Song “Car Wreck”

Pennsylvania pop-punkeres Goalkeeper drop their second single, “Car Wreck,” ahead of the release of their full LP “I Wish I Met You Sooner.” The highly anticipated new bundle of tracks comes out on October, 28.

“Car Wreck” is quintessential Goalkeeper with high-energy versus morphing into a smashing chorus with little break in the pace. The ending soars, so uplifting it could give a lizard goosebumps. On the Mark Hoppus-to-Tom DeLonge scale of pop-punk vocals, singer Ryan Beebe refreshingly resembles the former. His voice really pops in this track.

Contemporary pop-punk fans know Goalkeeper, with a monthly listenership recently passing 50,000 on Spotify. But they’ll be reintroduced by the upcoming LP, which is their best work yet. Goalkeeper tours the country beginning on October 26.

October 26- Orlando, FL 

October 27- Gainesville, FL

October 28- Gainesville, FL

October 31- Tallahassee, FL

November 3-  San Antonio, TX

November 4- Brownsville, TX

November 5- Arlington, TX

Nov 8- St. Louis, MO

Nov 10- Toledo, OH

Nov 11- Cleveland, OH

Nov 12- Pittsburgh, PA

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