News: High Vis Release Single, ‘0151’

High Vis have released their single “0151.” The titled comes from the landline dialing code for Liverpool/Merseyside.

“With the backdrop of a decade of austerity and neglect, ‘0151’ is a song about the power of collective identity,” says vocalist Graham Sayle. “Written after my uncle passed away during the pandemic, the song was inspired by tales of life as a ship builder and the subsequent decline of the industry in the North of England, a song about the landscape and communities from my formative years and our current socio-economic situation.”

“Liverpool is a city familiar with the receipt of bad news. Old grief within the NorthWest breeds in its most mild form an inherited skepticism of authority,” bassist Rob Moss says. “A scalable requirement to be outwardly disruptive and inwardly sensitive. A low-key connectivity built through regional endurance. For me, the song is about struggle and resilience against policies of social and economic abandonment.”

The track can be found on the band’s forthcoming record, Blending due out September 30.

High Vis

Blending tracklist:

1. “Talk For Hours”
2. “0151”
3. “Out Cold”
4. “Blending”
5. “Trauma Bonds”
6. “Fever Dream”
7. “Morality Test”
8. “Join Hands”
9. “Shame”

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