News: Insect Ark Release New Single ‘Youth Body Swayed’

Insect Ark, featuring Dana Schechter (Swans) and Tim Wyskida (Khanate), is dropping a new record entitled Raw Blood Singing June 7. Check out the new single for the track “Youth Body Swayed” below.

Insect Ark was formerly the sole output of Dana Schechter (Swans) but with Raw Blood Singing, Insect Ark expands to a duo, with Khanate’s Tim Wyskida joining the goth-tinged doom outfit. Schechter handles bass, lap steel, synths, vocals while Wyskida is responsible for drums and percussion. The band is currently based in Berlin.

Raw Blood Singing, the band’s fourth full-length, is the result of a year’s writing and collaboration. Many of the songs on Raw Blood Singing were penned alone in 2021 by Schechter but reworked and reconfigured when Wyskida joined in 2022. Shechter and Wyskida have created an album that offers a sonic landscape which vacillates between sensory overload and isolation in a seething void.

The album title, Raw Blood Singing, is very much rooted in the concept of evolution on both a human and a universal scale, featuring stories of physical beings bound by equal parts unchangeable matter and shape-shifting energy. The music has evolved beyond Insect Ark’s origin as an instrumental band, now featuring Schechter’s vocals for the first time.

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