Photo by Charles Peterson

L.A.’s L7 have announced plans for a 30th anniversary reissue of their second album, Smell the Magic. It will arrive September 18th via Sub Pop Records, and mark the first time ever that all nine songs have been together on vinyl. It will also be available in a couple of cool color variants. Pre-order here.

The version of Smell the Magic released in 1990 was a trimmed down, five song EP. Here, we get the pioneering female quartet’s complete vision. L7’s hard to define blend of punk, grunge and hard rock was clearly at a creative peak. Listen for yourself.

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L7 formed in Los Angeles in 1985, and along with bands like Bikini Kill and Babes In Toyland, were key players in the Riot Girl scene. After going on hiatus in 2001, the band regrouped in 2014. Since then they’ve released a pair of singles and a full length, and don’t appear to have lost any of their fire.


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