Hardcore experimentalists La Dispute have released a Blu-Ray edition of their hugely successful 2019 album, Panorama, via Epitaph Records.

The rerelease was created by master producer Will Yip, boasting 5.1 PCM Surround Sound (24bit/96khz) and Hi-res PCM Stereo (24bit/96khz), and is just another example of the band pushing the boundaries of their art. 

Vocalist Jordan Dreyer comments: ”In the studio for ‘Panorama’, Will Yip said you should be able to stand inside the songs to hear every little thing we tracked—all the bells and whistles and echos and space—then spent a good deal of his free time for the next year making that possibility real. Will’s passion/vision/work, on Blu-Ray with HD digital. Not everyone will have the capability to listen to this properly (I don’t), but to those who can or who collect, it’s special to us, representing the final culmination of a process that started Spring of 2017 in Grand Rapids, MI with the adjective “cinematic” written on a whiteboard, and we’d love it if you listened. All love to you, and to Will Yip, for planting and nurturing this idea from seed to fruit. Forever in debt.”

This enhanced version of Panorama comes after the remix version which featured Hether Fortune, Kitty, Zeal and Ardor, Peter Broderick, NNAMDÏ, and more reworking the album’s tracks.

If audio stimulation wasn’t enough, they also released “Pilgrimage”, an immersive desktop game experience for the record that transports users to a geometric world with intense landscapes and scenery that reflected each track on the record.

The Blu-Ray edition of Panorama can be purchased in physical form (including limited edition merch bundles) HERE, or downloaded/streamed HERE. Check out the remix version of the album on Spotify below.


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