News: Lift The Curse Wish You a Horrible Halloween with “IT’S ALIVE”

Hard rock outfit Lift The Curse are ringing in Halloween with a haunting new single and lyric video, “IT’S ALIVE”.

Lift The Curse are earning a reputation as one of the most hard working bands in rock. Their perennial conveyor of powerful anthems has come thick and fast in 2023. With influence rooted in hard rock, melodic punk and metalcore, fans are treated to epic choruses, dazzling riffs and rapturous breakdowns.

Comprised of Jon Yadon Jr. and Ryan Hegefeld, Lift The Curse fuse hard rock tones, filthy breakdowns and veracious melodies. Anchored by the friends’ inherent chemistry, the band marries influence from across metal, rock and pop.

The band released a quickfire string of singles throughout the second half 2022, with the likes of “Take Me Under” and “The Color Brave” offering a window into a heart of a project that puts songwriting front and centre; alternative rock intonations, pummelling riffs and unforgettable hooks all sitting at the core of Lift The Curse’s soundscape.

Lift The Curse’s popularity hit new heights in the first half of 2023, with the release of LP Suffer & Survive, a potent collection of tracks that marry expert storytelling with technical wizardry. Popular track included hit single “The Debt” and the blistering “Tidal Wave,” with the album racking up over 500k streams in a matter of months.

This Halloween, the band are back to fright and delight, with their blistering new single, “IT’S ALIVE”.

Stay up to date with Lift The Curse, via their YouTube channel.

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