News: Lindsay Schoolcraft Shares New Song ‘Remember To Breathe’

Lindsay Schoolcraft has released single “Remember To Breathe” featuring Sarah Jezebel Deva.

“This one is rather special because it’s the result of community. Community of musicians and community of fans.  The track was originally something I orchestrated that didn’t make a cut a few years back. But I love how on Patreon, I can just throw up my lost demos, and the community there decides what path I go down next,” says Lindsay Schoolcraft about the new song.

“I definitely have not been on the heavy train much the past few years, but it was time to change that. The minute I came across this demo, I knew it had to be another duet with the one and only Sarah Jezebel Deva and along the way the lovely and talented Mustis lended his piano talents (I’m still over the moon about that). I also couldn’t have done it without the super talented team that came on board.”

The track delivers dark undertones with strategically placed melodies. The sound is heavy yet grand, making for a cinematic feeling. Vocals dance through speakers with grace, making for an elegant display of music and telling a meticulous story as it plays out.

Lindsay Schoolcraft

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