News: N8NOFACE Remixes Julia, Julia’s “Fever In My Heart”

Having released Derealization, Julia Kugel’s debut album under the name Julia, Julia, The Coathangers’ singer and guitarist is out now with a remix of “Fever In My Heart” from N8NOFACE.

Derealization saw Kugel turn inward. On this personal release, unplugged and stripped down elements created a kind of immediacy one finds in live performances. Like a great cover, Los Angeles-based N8NOFACE reimagines “Fever In My Heart” while leaving intact the emotional core of Kugel’s original. Still dreamy and melodic, N8NOFACE’s remix repurposes the folk-psych ambiance by coupling these elements with a swanky electronic sound. The result is a remix that is familiar yet surprising and emotionally engaging. Even as it injects dance and discotheque qualities into Kugel’s tranquil original, N8NOFACE retains an emotionally engaging core. 

Derealization from Julia, Julia is out now through Suicide Squeeze Records. 

Buy Derealization here.

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