News: OCEANDVST Release Explosive Song ‘Dead End Hope’

Alternative rock band OCEANDVST rips on their new song “Dead End Hope,” a slam dance of a track that rivals anything from Bad Omens and Bring Me The Horizon. The track is the latest testament to the band’s staying power in the scene and showcases a clear ability to rise up the charts.

“The single is a powerful exploration of despair and resilience,” the band say in a statement, “resonating with anyone who has ever felt trapped inn their own mind.”

The band continue by saying the song represents a message of “solitary and hope,” a point made clear by its excellent storytelling.

The Greece natives formed in the middle of 2017 in Thessaloniki. OCEANDVST quickly released their debut EP Escape Rovte and followed it up with their full-length album, Floating, in 2021. OCEANDVST’s touring career has been highlighted by gigs with Palace Royale and Solmeister, along with numerous sold out shows in its home country.

A handful of major publications have taken noticed. “Dead End Hope” is another defining moment in the band’s career. Keep track of OCEANDVST here.

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