News: Rouri404 Delivers Anticipated EP ‘Crows’

Rouri404 has released his new five-track EP entitled crows on Red Bull Records. The project includes the new single “decay,” in collaboration with alternative artist and long-time collaborator Vaeo. “Crows” represents the culmination of rouri404’s last year of releases, showcasing his personal growth and sonic evolution with a cohesive mix that oscillates between emo-glitch screams and drum and bass beats.

An artist who refuses to be pigeonholed, rouri404 dominates all aspects of the EP, marking a new wave of heartfelt emo with pop and electronic overtones.

In an exclusive interview with rouri404, he spoke about the creation of “crows”:

 “After recording ‘smile,’ I had a super strong feeling that it had to be the first track on an EP, and that I really wanted to just make a project where every song hits hard with as little downtime as possible. For the production, we tried to push a lot of sounds and ideas we touched on in the past to the limit, and lyrically I just wanted to be as vulnerable and clear as possible. My main goal with the project is that anyone will be able to listen and take it as their own. I hope that any of these songs could possibly help someone feel less alone and that their feelings are heard and can be expressed no matter how bad.”

Completing the EP, “decay (feat. Vaeo)” arrives with an official music video directed by Pilot Lee. The visual takes the viewer into isolated spaces with rouri404, interspersed with home video style footage that reflects the DIY tone of the track. The dynamic collaboration between rouri404 and Vaeo is evident in the intensity of both the song and the video.

About “decay,” rouri404 adds:

“‘Decay’ was the last song we made for ‘crows.’ After finishing up all the other songs on the EP, my producers and I agreed we needed one more hard-hitting song. After finding a weird/interesting guitar loop from our friend RJ Pasin, I recorded a quick eight bars and felt it had a different energy from all the other tracks. Lyrically, I just wanted to be direct with emotions I had been feeling at the moment. After losing my grandmother late last year, my mind had just been in a bad place, and I started isolating myself from a lot, spending time thinking about how little control we really have over our lives. Being able to get those kinds of feelings out so clearly and record and produce it all with my closest friends has been an experience I wouldn’t trade anything for.”


Listen to “crows” by rouri404 below:

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Photo courtesy of Pilot Lee

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