News: Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival Returns

The 24th annual Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival extravaganza is back for the DLVEC Memorial Day weekend. It runs from May 25-27 and the club shows run from May 23-27 in Sin City itself, Las Vegas.

The festival is fueled by the fans’ insatiable hunger at the iconic Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. This year, PRB welcomes Madness, Devo, and Descendents as their headliners. At the helm of punk-rock culture, Punk Rock Bowling is known for bringing together still-active legacy acts and the front-runners of the genre. Keeping with the tradition, this festival goes beyond just music, attendees are able to enjoy vibrant pool parties, take a chance at gambling as well as join the thrilling bowling tournament. There’ll also be an array of club shows that will be announced at the beginning of the new year ensuring a chaotic symphony for all those who attend.

Since 1999 when Youth Brigade’s co-founders Shawn and Mark Stern organized the first DIY Bowling Tournament by bringing folks from independent record labels, zines, and stores together in Las Vegas, the event has grown into a legendary gathering of music lovers from around the world.

Shawn Stern says about PRB:

“Punk Rock Bowling is an annual family reunion for the punk rock community worldwide. It’s important to support the new, younger bands and inspire them to carry on the tradition of punk political ideals. Punk Rock Bowling continues to be a platform for protests and calling out societal issues. We’re excited to see our global family, established bands, and new faces unite to support the community.”

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