Relapse Records have shared their annual label sampler featuring 26 tracks from heavy-hitters like Ceremony, Torche, Full of Hell, Merzbow, and plenty more.

All proceeds from the sampler, available as a pay-what-you-want release on Bandcamp, will be donated to Rock To The Future, a non-profit providing music education to Philadelphia youth in underserved communities at no cost.

In addition to some of the label’s best-known acts, Relapse’s sampler includes newer signees Monolord and Candy as well as Adult Swim singles from Obituary, Integrity, and Author & Punisher. It’s a solid collection that spans the label’s range of heavy genres: there’s death metal, doom, and sludge, punk, grind, and experimental.

Stream and download the 2019 Relapse Sampler here and see the full tracklist below. Find more information about Rock To The Future here.


  1. Torche – Admission 
  2. Red Fang – Antidote  
  3. Gatecreeper – From The Ashes
  4. Full of Hell – Burning Myrrh
  5. Monolord – The Last Leaf 
  6. Ceremony – Turn Away The Bad Thing
  7. Exhumed – Ravenous Cadavers
  8. Inter Arma – Citadel 
  9. Devil Master – Black Flame Candle
  10. Candy – Super-Stare
  11. Devourment – Cognitive Sedation Butchery
  12. Coffins – Forgotten Cemetery
  13. Ringworm – Death Becomes My Voice
  14. Pinkish Black – Concept Unification
  15. Cherubs – Sooey Pig
  16. Victims – The Horse and Sparrow Theory
  17. Zonal – System Error
  18. Steve Moore – The Bite 
  19. Obituary – A Dying World (Adult Swim Single)
  20. Integrity – All Death is Mine (Adult Swim Single)
  21. Author & Punisher – A Crude Sectioning (Adult Swim Single)
  22. Nothing – Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping (Dance on the Blacktop B-Side)
  23. Mammoth Grinder – Lunar Mass (Decibel Flexi Single)
  24. Outer Heaven – Cryptic Visions (Decibel Flexi Single) 
  25. Incantation – The Ibex Moon (Remastered)
  26. Merzbow – Woodpecker No. 1 (Remastered)

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