“Meet the loudest, gayest band in the world,” SideOne Dummy Records proclaims of new signees, Plasma Canvas. The Fort Collins, Colorado duo of vocalist/guitarist Adrienne Rae Ash and drummer Jude McCarron make raucous rock and roll that is, well, loud.

The band’s first release for SideOne Dummy is the hard-riffing “KILLERMAJESTIC,” the debut single from an EP of the same name out June 12. The song, a re-recording of an earlier release by the band, blows up almost bluesy garage rock with the heavy guitars and dissonance of metalcore.

Starting with a hell-bent scream by Rae, “KILLERMAJESTIC” takes inspiration from the emotional difficulties she faced before coming out as trans in 2015.

“I wanted it to feel like what accepting your transness feels like, which is terrifying,” Rae shares. “It’s like you’ve had someone holding your head under water for your entire life, and then you finally get up the strength to release yourself and take a deep breath and scream really loud.”

The EP comes with production by original member of The Descendants Bill Stevenson, who has worked with Rise Against, NOFX, and The Lemonheads.

Pre-order KILLERMAJESTIC here.


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