News: Skeletal Remains Drop New Single ‘Relentless Appetite’

Skeletal Remains have announced new single “Relentless Appetite” from forthcoming record Fragments Of The Ageless due out March 8, 2024. “Relentless Appetite” follows up on the success of Skeletal Remains’ previous single, “Void Of Despair.”

Guitarist and vocalist Chris Monroy says the band had working titles that they conveyed to famed cover artist Dan Seagrave but the final painting sparked the album title.

Monroy states:

“Seagrave completed the cover art before we had a title. That was kind of different, but it worked in our favor. The cover art directly inspired a few of the lyrics and musical themes, tying multiple pieces together, which is a first for us. We did show him different pieces of art—10 in all, I think—that we liked, so there was direction. We wanted a mixture of things, with the final idea being a creature being taken apart and its DNA extracted. Seagrave’s crazy brain made it all come to life.”

“Fragments of the Ageless” was recorded at various home and professional studios. Most of the guitars, bass, and solos were tracked DIY.

Photo courtesy of Skeletal Remains 

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