As they prepare for the release of their upcoming full-length Earache Records debut Matriphagy, Pennsylvanian nu-core quartet Tallah recently dropped their seething single, “Overconfidence.” The new single, accompanied by a video, is the fifth track that has been released from the new album, due out October 2.

Tallah enhance their nostalgic, nu-metal spirit with in-your-face breakdowns, to create quite the intense and unnerving listening experience. Vocalist Justin Bonitz expresses a variety of screams and utterances, all of which lend themselves to the bands unique, chaotic, and tormenting atmosphere.

Conceptually, “Overconfidence” sits just before the band’s previous single, “Placenta,” serving to set up its themes of cutting loose from all the pressures, fears, insecurities and anything holding you down, controlling you, and not letting you be your free, unashamed self.

To do that, however, you first need some awareness, which is where Tallah’s latest single comes into play. “Overconfidence” tackles the need to realize your flaws and grow to accept them, own them, and use them to become the best possible version of yourself.

Vocalist Justin Bonitz states: “We are really excited about this song, it just has this killer chorus, cool-ass verses, and a Walmart-trashing breakdown”, the vocalist continues, speaking directly of the track’s musical and lyrical fury. “Recording it was so much fun, and we truly think it has the potential to be one of our greatest hits on this album, competing with crowd favorites like ‘Placenta’ and ‘We, The Sad.’ The rapping is really fun, the drums are all over the place, the bass spits fire, and the guitar riffs will 100% get stuck in your head.”

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