It’s hard to imagine a better title for a hardcore punk song in 2020 then “Expect the Worst.” So it’s a good thing that Modesto, California’s These Streets wrote a song with that title!

The metallic hardcore quintet has premiered a live session video for the title track off their upcoming album, Expect the Worst. The performance is raw and forceful, leaning into the “clock you in the head and swing you by your ankles like a sack of potatoes” style hardcore that we need in this deepening age of disillusionment.

Feel alive again and check out the live session video for “Expect the Worst below:

Speaking to No Echo on their track “Expect the Worst,” singer Cameron Ross explains, “”Expect the Worst’ shows the duality of the record, whereas the majority of the record is about dealing and overcoming dark thoughts, this song is about coming back stronger and not letting anyone get in the way… It’s about seeing the life you had and getting it back.”

Expect the Worst will be out through Upstate Records and Blood Blast Distribution (Nuclear Blast) on August 21, 2020. Preorder here.


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