News: Norway’s Rendezvous Point to Release ‘Dream Chaser’

Norway is notorious for their eccentric metal and strong reputation for intensity. One band we must mention are Rendezvous Point. They will release their album Dream Chaser via Long Branch Records on June 21.

This very talented quintet take progressive metal to a whole new level. RP have changed the game here and open up a new vibe for progressive metal. As artists strive to level up, sometimes they must delve into a whole lifetime to create new sounds and lyrical content. Except this band did it in the beginning and continue to explore the unknown and pushing that envelope.

“Don’t Look Up” digs deep with melodic melodies and progressive beats. “Oslo Syndrome” echoes hypnotic lyrics and vocals for days. “Utopia” gets more faster and almost instantly goes super solo style with beautifully composed softness hugging your soul. Every song has a special story behind it with a collective fusion taking you to different dimensions.

The band state, “Artists often strive a whole lifetime searching for something abstract, a feeling of perfection in what you do or create. Since it’s an abstract and subjective thing, the artists’ search for perfection often results in a lifetime of always wanting more, better, bigger, and deeper. This leads to chasing something unclear and untouchable, like a dream. It seems real and reachable, but never is.”

Dream Chaser tells a story about how the struggle is real for many artists. As the world continues to continuously evolve, so does music. Rendezvous Point created their own sound and style, through their life of turmoil and climatic triumphs. Creating everlasting memories with such a great album, and originality bring beautiful classical progressive content, almost operatic. It goes deep into the subconscious as their music almost becomes a super abstract audio art on canvas. It does seem sad but also powerful at the same time. Coming from a music lover, this is exactly what we need.

Track list:
01 Don’t Look Up
02 Oslo Syndrome
03 Utopia
04 Fireflies
05 Presence
06 Wildflower
07 The Tormented
08 Still Water

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Photo creds: Jonathan Vivaas Kise

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