Align the Tide are stoked to announce “Blacklist” a new video from their forthcoming album Dead Religion, out now via Cleopatra Records.

Align The Tide was formed back in September of 2015 through the experimentation with a number of different potential members, styles, and influences, resulting in the unique, groovy metal sound you hear today.

Danny and Kyle have been working together in music for around nine years, experimenting in different styles of music until they managed to find a suitable style for their tastes. As the journey progressed, looking for the perfect line-up, the duo have succeeded in finding two other members who both had the same aspirations as Danny and Kyle to make Align The Tide a recognized, worldwide name, to make music their life, to succeed.

“Every individual’s personal black book of everybody that is hated by him or her, taking form in the eyes of a psychopathic killer and hired gun,” vocalist/guitarist Kyle Farrugia riffs about the new song. “This song is anger-filled and bound to fuel you up with hateful energy all throughout the track. Heavy grooves and rhythm in this track will keep you bobbing your head, and its instrumental simplicity makes it a song that can be easily memorized.”

Snag the album here. 


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