Tongues of Fire are proud to present “Sunburn,” the latest video from their latest album, Everyone Hates Us, out now via Godless America.

Most bands fit cleanly within a genre, but Tongues of Fire don’t. At their heart, they are a punk band; their shows are unhinged; the music is straightforward and hard hitting; there is no trace of pomp or excessiveness, but they are accessible, and there is a well-crafted feel to what they do. The melodies are catchy, production clean, and the instrumentals deceptively complex. They have many contemporaries and influences like PUP, Bloc Party, Idles, and The Fall of Troy but can’t be compared to them. There aren’t bands out there that are like Tongues of Fire. They are themselves and intent on moving the scene forward.

“The tour van that I bought for $600 and used in the early days of the band (also pictured on the cover of our debut LP) blew a transmission on the way back the studio and wasn’t worth fixing, so we decided to destroy it,” the band says. “This entire video was financed with the scrap value of a 1992 Ford Aerostar.”

Snag the album here. 


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