Here are five new albums from last week you should check out!

Great Grandpa – “Mono no Aware”

Album: Four of Arrows (Double Double Whammy Records)

Great Grandpa made a big splash in the DIY scene back in 2017 with the release of Plastic Cough. Two years later, the Seattle indie-rockers are picking up where they left off with their sophomore record, Four of Arrows, which is every bit as enjoyable as their first.

Norma Jean – “[Mind Over Mind]”

Album: All Hail (Solid State Records)

Norma Jean were a highly influential band in the 2000s, making an impact on the metalcore scene that can still be felt nearly two decades later. Today, they release their eighth studio album, All Hail, proving that they’re still as hard-hitting as ever.

Alcest – “Sapphire”

Album: Spiritual Instinct (Nuclear Blast Records)

It’s difficult to categorize Alcest, as they are a brilliant band that spans genres. Their sound will resonate with fans of shoegaze, post rock, and metal. The French band just put out their new record, Spiritual Instinct, on Nuclear Blast Records.

Spiral Heads – “Baby’s Got Bangs”

Album: Spiral Heads (Bridge 9 Records)

A super-group featuring members of American Nightmare and Doomriders, Spiral Heads are a brand new band making fast, fun, straightforward punk rock. Their debut self titled E.P. is out now on Bridge 9 Records.

Fit For An Autopsy – “Shepherd”

Album: The Sea of Tragic Beasts (Nuclear Blast Records)

“Shepherd,” a song from Fit For An Autopsy’s new record The Sea of Tragic Beasts, is a metal rager through and through. The new album is available today from Nuclear Blast Records.


John Silva is a writer based out of Indianapolis who loves pro wrestling almost as much as he loves music. You can follow him on Twitter @hawkeyesilva.

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