Album Review: Dee Snider – For the Love of Metal

At first glance, the album cover/title of Dee Snider’s latest solo effort comes off as being just another forgettable outing. But once given an actual chance, it’s surprisingly (and this is a term I usually try to refrain from using, but in this case, completely appropriate)…epic.

Honestly, For the Love of Metal is more in line with modern metal than Snider’s Twisted Sister days. Of course, much of this is no doubt attributed to various contributions from members of such contemporary acts as Killswitch Engage, Toxic Holocaust, and Arch Enemy (having Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta behind the producer’s chair doesn’t hurt, either). One such collaboration, a duet of sorts with former Killswitch vocalist Howard Jones by the name of “The Hardest Way,” is a definite album highlight.

The lead-off single “Become the Storm” is admirable enough (although what’s with the air guitar playing in the video, Dee?!), but tracks like “Tomorrow’s No Concern,” “Running Mazes,” and “Lies Are a Business” are the true standouts found here. Metal fans both old and new should ultimately be able to appreciate the overall outcome.

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