Album Review: Ministry – AmeriKKKant

The first full-length Ministry release since 2013’s From Beer to Eternity is without a doubt a mixed blessing. While it should come as no surprise to many that Al Jourgensen’s latest offering would be as politically charged as it is with a title like AmerKKKant, it might just be a tad too overly political for those simply looking for escapist, non-bias entertainment. There are some decent moments found within, mind you (many even echoing of the band’s early ‘90s peak). Tracks like “We’re Tired of It” and “AmeriKKKa” are worthy of inclusion in current Ministry set lists, and the video for “Twilight Zone” is even reminiscent of classics like “The Land of Rape and Honey.”

Still, it’s easy for one to find their attention wandering elsewhere from the material found within. The album reaches its ultimate low point with the ugliness of “Antifa.” While it may be easy to understand where Jourgensen’s frustration is coming from right now, there are other ways of getting one’s point of view across rather than merely putting even more negativity out there. The world may need a lot of things at the moment, but more fuel to the fire isn’t necessarily one of them (but that’s just my own neutral two cents).

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