Album Review: Skull Fist – Way of the Road

It took four long years for Skull Fist to finally release their follow up to 2014’s Chasing the Dream album, with vocal issues and even broken bones sustained by lead vocalist/guitarist Zach Slaughter widely contributing to delays. But for the most part, fans should agree their latest effort was worth the wait.

Admittedly, Way of the Road did take some time to grow on me. But once I was able to truly give it my full attention, I found some sheer gems along the way.

“You Belong to Me” is a fitting album opener/first single (the kind that really gets one’s head banging in the morning) and is quickly followed by “No More Running,” which manages to be just as effective as the latter, despite leaning more on the “lighter” side.

The title track and other numbers such as “I Am a Slave” and “Witch Hunt” provide an array of tight metal riffs, while “Stay True” closes out the album nicely as a near-ballad. If Skull Fist keeps this kind of work up, they’re likely to be an absolute titan within the modern metal community.

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