Album Review: Therapy? – Cleave

Over the years I’ve made no secrets regarding how ridiculously dedicated I am to Therapy?  Hell, those who know me well know that I even have a tattoo of the band’s logo. Now fifteen albums into their career, they’re still releasing music equally as relevant to any of their earliest and best material.

The album’s lead-off single, “Callow,” is another one of those tracks that directly hits home the way only Therapy? knows how to, and its accompanying zombie-filled music video is just as thought-provoking as the song’s actual lyrics.

All in all, there are ten new songs in total found here, some of which are of course more effective than others, with “Save me From the Ordinary,” “Expelled,” and “Kakistocracy” being among the more memorable. I’ll say this once again; if you haven’t already checked these guys out, do yourself a favor and get to it already.

Purchase the album here. 

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