Savage Remains – The Dawning of Doomsday Punk

Photo by Billy Andrews

The birth of the doomsday punks took place in Virginia of 2015. These doomsday punks shine in the dawning of a new era and the genre Doomsday Punk!

Doomsday punk is fast paced, in your face, apocalyptic punk rock! The word “Doomsday” can mean so many things to so many people. So instead of everyone just becoming one giant chaotic apocalyptic mess, try to harness the emotion that would come from that chaos and give it some beauty…chaos = beauty. They want Doomsday to become a party where there is no sense in fearing the end; they are the band that holds your soundtrack to the end of times.


Savage Remains recorded the album ‘Resistance Is Futile!’ in August 2015 tracking all the instruments with their co-producer, Curtis Price, at his home. Danny Decay recorded all the drum tracks in one day, and Swinger and Matt Valdemar spent the next week going back and forth to Curt’s house to complete the guitar tracks, rhythm tracks, leads, and bass parts. After the instruments were complete, the band recorded all vocals at Tef Wesley’s studio.

The song “Voices” actually came from a voice M. Valdemar kept hearing in his head…”and I know…and I Know-oh-whoa” during a random conversation, Swinger brought up, about a movie, that him and Matt Alive had been talking about. The movie was about a serial killer titled Voices. M. Valdemar wrote the lyrics without ever seeing the movie.

The artwork for ‘Resistance Is Futile!’ was created by an artist named Nick DiFabbio. Savage Remains really dug his style and they were looking for something like a sci-fi comic book and Swinger Gallows found Nick’s work online. Nick DiFabbio also designed the alien on the back cover with the Savage Remains leather jacket on. The band loves DiFabbio’s approach to the world ending.

The inspiration from their genre to their music comes from so many different places. Obviously, The Misfits, The Ramones, The Descendents, The Circle Jerks, NOFX, and even Slayer. Although a lot of inspiration comes from other artists, that they have always wanted to hear and some stuff that their favorites haven’t done before to say that this is what they want to change, or maybe haven’t heard a lot of or at all.

Their live shows go something like this…Everyone is involved with the live show. There is serious perpetual motion, from Matt Alive jumping around like a crazed psyche ward patient, M. Valdemar leaping and thrashing his bass in his hands like he is trying to break it in half, Swinger Gallows lurching over everyone in the crowd and stalking back and forth around the stage like you don’t know if he’s going to leap onto the floor, you just can’t help but be intrigued to Danny Decay being the only one who is often smiling during the set as if it to say the frenzied pace is going to fall apart, but it just keeps coming. There’s VERY short breaks between songs…just enough time to tune up a few times and for Matt Valdemar to belt out the name of the next song and tear into it. They really let the live energy, and music speak for their performance. They don’t want it to become them on stage and you guys on the floor. The band wants everybody together…just fucking partying till the end!

“It’s Whoa Time”

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