The Week in Review: Four New Records to Check Out

From the debut release of former Goat Girl member Naima Bock to the wonderful new record from the prolific Moor Mother, here is all of the new noise you may have missed from this week.

Vintage Crop – Kibitzer (Upset The Rhythm)

Vintage Crop come in riding the exploding wave of Aussie hardcore: Maximum attitude, sneering vocals, overly distorted guitars. Blending elements of hardcore, post punk, and good ol’ classic punk, this record defies expectations.

While this LP hooks on its catchy sound, it’s the lyrics that make it unique. With sarcasm dripping out their ears, sneering hooks, and anthemic sloganeering, the band brings an attitude filled catharsis through spit fueled lines.

Kibitzer is out on Upset the Rhythm.

Find out more about Vintage Crop here.

Moor Mother – Jazz Codes (ANTI-)

Camae Ayewa, the mastermind behind Moor Mother, has been as prolific as ever in the past year. She released a cult classic record with Black Encyclopedia Of The Air, plus a release from her free jazz ensemble and another from her rap duo 700 Bliss. With so many projects, it’s hard to keep track of the Moor Mother universe.

Jazz Codes picks up where Black Encyclopedia left off. Blending elements of free jazz, rap, and post-punk into this experimental soup, the record feels like almost nothing you’ve heard before. It’s spacey, vibrant, off the cuff. Don’t sleep on it!

Jazz Codes is out on ANTI-.

Find out more about Moor Mother here.

Fresh – Raise Hell (Get Better / Special Subject)

Fresh are yet another group to emerge from the U.K. DIY scene. Pulling members from the likes of ME REX and Cheerbleederz, Raise Hell is their debut record. Bringing an anthemic brand of indie punk, Fresh are chalked full of melancholic and uplifting tunes. Vocals are delivered with conviction from frontwoman Kathryn Woods.

Despite having a much more pop-based sound than many of their contemporaries, they don’t lose sight of their punk upbringing, melding the two with ease and ingenuity. The atmosphere created on this record is a righteous one.

Raise Hell is out on Get Better and Special Subject.

Find out more about Fresh here.

Naima Bock – Giant Palm (Sub Pop / Memorials Of Distinction)

Most will be familiar with Naima Bock’s London group Goat Girl. After leaving the group to pursue a degree in archeology and to work as a gardener, Bock has returned with her first solo effort.

Giant Palm is a dazzling display of folk, jazz, and synth-based music. Sounding something like The Space Lady and Joan Baez, it’s one of the most hauntingly beautiful records you will hear all year.

Giant Palm is out on Sub Pop and Memorials Of Distinction.

Find out more about Naima Bock here.

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