Bootlicker – S/T (Neon Taste Records)

Bootlicker is a direct challenge to the phrase “punk is dead”. The Vancouver band plays like 80s hardcore never ended. It’s raw, primitive, nasty, unabashedly fast paced, and totally fucked up. Fourteen tracks, never lasting longer than two minutes a piece, spit pure aggression and chaotic noise. Across four EP’s and a number of live records the group cultivated a sound of lo-fi, midwestern hardcore inspired punk rock that extends a pretty similar sound to the debut full length. Bootlicker isn’t here to change up their style or innovate punk music, they’re here to play as fast and as loud as possible, and that kicks ass in it’s own way. This is a record that begs for headbanging. Maybe an intense car ride sing along? Nothing more to say except turn it up and enjoy!

Bootlicker S/T is out on Neon Taste Records.

Noah Britton – I Love You EP (Gentle Reminder Records)

Noah Britton is probably more recognizable as a comedian or as a member of now defunct Boston band The Best Thing Ever than as a solo artist, but his latest release is sure to put his name on the map. The EP finds Britton weaving between various different sounds in folk and country while fully developing as a lyricists. The opener “Enchanted Witch” is a beautifully drifting ballad accompanied by a sweet lap steel guitar. “Wings” featuring Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie and The Microphones is much larger in sound adding strings and Elverum’s voice and patented distorted bass. It’s a sweet album of little love songs and catchy melodies. It has moments of melancholy and uplifting like any good americana record should.

I Love You is out on Gentle Reminder Records.

Jesuslesfilles – L’Heure Idéale (Duprince Records)

Jesuslesfilles are a Montreal based group coming into their thirteenth year as a band. L’Heure Idéale is their fourth record. They make a truly unique brand of synth punk. It’s jangly at times, sometimes punchy like Devo. The tracks “L.A” and “Doux Doux” are perfect examples of that dynamic. The band unapologetically embraces their French Canadian roots refusing to write or speak in English like many other Quebecois groups tend to do. This is a fun and bouncy record. At times it is sweet and melancholic, but all the while still remaining upbeat and danceable. The band has certainly stumbled upon a great dynamic of sounds on their senior record making it hands down the best in their discography.

L’Heure Idéale is out on Duprince Records.

MJ Guider – Temporary Requiem (modemain)

MJ Guider commands a lot of different influences. From ambient, to gothic, all the way to the spirit of New Orleans the project is the sum of an eclectic mix of genres. This latest project leans the heaviest on the gothic and classical influences, most probably because the record was first conceived as a theatrical score. The record is dark, shrouded in layers of spacy synths and vocal lines. Tracks like “Sanctus: A Falling Dance” are deeply rooted in roman catholic hymns, with the former utilizing a choir like vocal performance. A track like “Benedictus: Tribute to Leviathan, Her Ancestors, and Her Progeny” introduces more harsh instrumentation concluding in a four minute harsh noise piece. She is not the first to pioneer this mix of electronic and gothic music, Lingua Ignota would be another great example, but she is one of the best in the genre if not the best. This is a cathartic and spiritual record. Beautiful at times, ugly at others.

Temporary Requiem is out on modemain.

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