Today’s New Noise: GRÓA

Sorry for the lack of Today’s New Noise posts lately. I’ve been out of town on family business, but I’m back and ready to introduce you to more up-and-coming new artists. Today we’re looking at GRÓA, a post-punk band out of Reykjavík, Iceland. They recently released a new single called “Cranberry,” their first new music since their 2021 album What I Like To Do, and the single is now streaming on their Bandcamp.

With its disjointed, mathy rhythms, haunting melodies in the vocals, and highly experimental elements, “Cranberry” is one of those songs that finds a sweet spot between experimental music and something with a more conventional pop structure. It’s a song that goes through a number of distinct movements, never developing any sort of traditional verse-chorus-verse structure, and makes for a musical journey through a number of landscapes that feels like an accomplishment just listening to it. Check out the single below:

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Photo courtesy of Luke Johnson

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