Today’s New Noise: Ox

Welcome to the working week, rockers! Ox are a metallic hardcore band out of Spokane, Washington. They recently put out a new self-titled demo on Halloween and it’s streaming on their Bandcamp now.

Opening track “Stabbed in the Neck” starts with audio of Charles Manson denying being a murderer over the sound of gnashing guitars before the heavy, metallic vocals come in. Then after a few moments, the rhythm of the song abruptly changes from a lurch to rapid fire, with a clear influence from both metal and punk throughout. Then “Brainlock” opens on a killer bass riff that, even as other instruments come in, remains the core of the song until about the one-minute mark where it launches into a furious hardcore onslaught. Fans of both metal and hardcore punk will really love this one.

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Photo courtesy of Ox

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