Today’s New Noise: Ritual Barbiturate

Ritual Barbiturate is a post-hardcore band out of Los Angeles, California. Their debut album Pain Manager drops on June 26 from Dune Altar Records and the first two singles off of the album are currently streaming on YouTube.

First up is the band’s debut single, “Tilt,” a brief track which finds itself somewhere between Fugazi and The Replacements, with a unique blend of melody and powerful hardcore energy. Then the title track off the upcoming album, “Pain Manager,” leans harder into the post-hardcore element, with a forceful and emotional vocal delivery that’s, at times, haunting and, at other times, pummelling. It promises to be a great album that combines a lot of different emotions in one glorious package. Check out the tracks below.

You can pre-order the album, including a version on limited-edition cassette, or pre-save the album here.

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