Today’s New Noise: RottenPerish

RottenPerish are a black metal/death metal band from Malmö, Sweden. They recently released their ninth album Brutal Forces and it’s streaming now on their Bandcamp.

This album wastes absolutely no time and begins immediately with the grinding, gnashing black metal guitars on the title track, which is also the album’s opener. It’s pure, riff-heavy power with classic blast beats and growling metal vocals. Then “Confessions” changes tactics at the beginning and opens with an almost proggy riff that becomes the backbone of the song before abruptly abandoning it and returning to the unrelenting power.

“Paranoia Set In” is actually rather mathy in how effortlessly it changes tempos on a dime, making for a sense of wild chaos in addition to the heaviness. “Innocence” gets into a sort of nu metal rhythmic groove while still dishing out devastating death metal. “Jackie K,” meanwhile, is just a solid wall of obliterating noise. Closing track “Förnuft” creates some solid grooves as well to compliment the punishing metal attack.

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