Today’s New Noise: Spiritual Deception

Spiritual Deception is an atmospheric death metal band, with hints of technical and brutal death metal, and they’re out of Milan, Italy. They’ve got a new album coming out on February 9 called Semitae Mentis with physical copies being distributed by Amputated Vein Records and Earache Records handling digital copies. They recently released their video for “Atavic Future (Decadence Pt.II).” The video is streaming right now on YouTube.

“Atavic Future” certainly lives up to the name of “atmospheric death metal,” as the whole song creates a deeply foreboding atmosphere, particularly with the novel use of keyboards, while simultaneously delivering a brutal death metal assault. The accompanying video simply depicts the band playing the song, but simultaneously builds a similar atmosphere to the song with the emotionally powerful lighting effects. Semitae Mentis certainly promises to be an exceptional album when it drops on February 9. Check out the video below.

You can pre-order Semitae Mentis off of Bandcamp. Follow Spiritual Deception on Facebook and Instagram for future updates.

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