Second Spirit dropped their (his) debut full length LP, The Weight of Just Living, in 2022 and it garnered heavy attention. Blending various splintered of hardcore, the one man writing machine, Jared Colby, presents a furious, heavy barrage of relentless rhythms an audacious guitar lines. The guitar tones and drumming patterns evoke memories of Converge, Cursed, Indecision (Release the Cure, specifically), Coalesce and others. The sound blends into an original imprint and is heightened by Colby’s growls and conviction. The Weight of Just Living dealt seven brutal tracks of scathing disdain.

Second Spirit’s new single, premiering here,  is titled, “Fuck Your Heritage”. Colby reports that the music bed of the track from the 2022 album’s sessions. The visceral track still sounds fresh. Fed up and frustrated with the rampant attitudes and legislation limiting and banning the LGBTQIA+ community from expressing themselves in various forms. This is not a plea though. This is a declaration, a line in the sand.

Here are a taste of the lyrics:

you’re just a waste of life/ a true display of disgrace

keep sucking on that lead-filled dick/ I hope it goes off in your face

I’d rather live among the hated, the outcast, and the freaks

‘cause living free and living true/ makes the only sense to me”

Colby elaborates on the incendiary times creating this combative attitude. “On the same day, I finished the editing (this track), something happened. Not only did the state of Tennessee (where Second Spirit is based out of) introduced very fascist and anti-trans/anti-gay/anti-drag legislation. But I also spotted a proud boy in my neighborhood, with his truck all decked out in Confederate Flag nonsense. I was furious about this. As soon as I got to my studio that night, I wrote the lyrics to the song within 15 minutes, set up a mic, and tracked the vocal. The result, to me, is simple, raw, and honest. I wanted the track to have a Suicide File-esque feel to it – where anyone who listened knew exactly where the fuck I stood on this issue. I have a trans brother. The idea that anyone would want to strip his human rights away, discriminate against him, or hurt him in any way is unfathomable. I have been right there through the good times and the bad with him. I know for a fact that once he realized he was a trans man, that identity quite literally saved his life. And to me, the government is passing these laws because they are scared of the future, scared of losing power, and scared of ideas that they refuse to understand. We have them on the run. Anti-fascism, Pro-LGBTQ+ forever.”

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