The video “A Terrible Tail,” A track from Accused AD’s recent The Ghoul In The Mirror album via Blackhouse Records, received the directorial treatment from Jason Frost of Black State Productions and features the trademark prime choking vocals (care of the legendary Blaine Cook), buzz-saw guitar destruction, and a full-charging rhythmic attack.

“Do the right thing. Don’t let em distract you. November will be here soon,” says vocalist Blaine Cook.

“Splatter-rock” progenitors The Accused A.D. have certainly made the best of their time hunkered down during a pandemic, to say the least.  When the brakes got put on the extensive touring to promote the new record The Ghoul In The Mirror, they decided to re-direct their energy.

After hosting a handful of online, live sets through various social media platforms, the group, which features members of the infamous and influential horror-punk/metal kings, have announced a new music video from their new full-length out now via Blackhouse Records Ltd.

Preorder the album here.


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