Video Premiere: Alistair – ‘Chasing New Lows’

The dark, indie sensibilities of Alistair’s “Chasing New Lows” will stay with you all week. Check it out in advance of their new record Love and Other Human Vices, out later this year.

“This track in particular holds bittersweet sentiments for us, as the song is a very honest admission of personal guilt surrounding our addictive habits as humans,” says guitarist Nick Antonucci. “As individuals. The song was born by means of necessity and not with the purpose of simply ‘writing a song.’

“We wrote ‘Chasing New Lows’ as a statement of our struggles with substances and alcohol and its negative effects on our personal lives. We hope to connect with those of you struggling with addictive habits and mental illnesses and let them know ‘you are not alone.’ It’s OK to not be OK.”

“Chasing New Lows” explodes with grungey riffage, atmospherics, tension-and-release dynamics, passionate vocals, and spacey lead guitar work. Overall, the upbeat effect of the music powerfully offsets the song’s lyric theme, which is a somber look into alcohol abuse.

It also showcases the guitar team of Jack and Nick who serve the song with imagination and tasteful restraint. Here, Nick plays the meaty Smashing Pumpkins-style rhythm guitar, and Jack weaves around him with an ethereal melodic musicality.

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