If you’re getting up there but you still like to party, check out “Used to Party” by The Blind Staggers, out February 28 on their new album Doing Alright… Considering via Seven Dead Arson Records.

“We’ve been around for a long ten years,” the band says. “In that time, we’ve all grown and changed, and so has our music. The Blind Staggers started out more of a country band, which is all over our first release, This Time’s a Charm. By the second record, Exile on Argyle, we were getting heavier. The guitars got bigger, drums got heavier, and our live show was always a party.

“Now, on our third record, which is decidedly more rock ‘n’ roll, we’ve embraced the music we all grew up on and have fun playing. It feels natural to us. There is no more ‘that doesn’t fit what we do;’ we do whatever we want because it always sounds like us. We are all about a good time, and if you’ve seen us live, you know the party never stops.

“The original thought for this video was ‘old people getting wasted on each other’s medication while having a visit.’ Our friend John Skibicki agreed to shoot it, so we started writing jokes and buying wigs! Seeing all of us in costume as 75-year-olds was amazing, and I hope people have half as much fun watching it as we did marking it.”

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