Hey, Pirate punk! That’s new, right?!? Hailing from Toulouse, France, Barbar’O’Rhum come directly from the scurvy brain of Captain Barbedrut. Dude’s a big huge fan of history, punk, and piracy, and his goal was to start a band that did it all, plus folk metal!

Check out New Noise‘s premiere of Barbar’O’Rhum’s new song and video “Pirates des Champs” below:

“Pirates des Champs” will appear on the Barbar’O’Rhum’s upcoming record Journal de B’O’R out on Mannequin Vanity Records, out October 30.

What are some of Barbedrut’s influences, you might ask? Sea Shanties for one. Traditional Folk Music for another. Also, Celtic rock, Irish punk, and, yup, folk metal. Barbar’O’Rhum call their style “Rock ‘n’ Rum,” which sounds pretty good right about now. TGIF, am I right?

The band feature many traditional instruments like gaita, tin whistle, Irish bouzouki, hurdy-gurdy, synths, accordion, harp, harpsichord, marimba, music box, violin, and various forms of percussion, including bendir, Cajon, darbuka, finger cymbals, *exhausted inhale* and tambourine *wheeze.*

So what do these salty dogs have to say for themselves and their new song? Well you can read it below for yourself (unless you’re actually an 18th-century pirate, and therefore highly likely to be illiterate, in which case welcome to the 21st century! It sucks here, go back!)

“‘Pirate Des Champs’ is a song rooted in historical fact. During the Golden Age of Piracy around 1718, several European governments decided to offer amnesty to pirates who were willing to stop their illegal actions and surrender to the governors at the time. Some pirates became farmers, while others continued to be pirates.

“The song tells the fictional story of a pirate who is seasick and fed up of piracy. When his king offers an amnesty for every pirate who is willing to stop piracy, he signs the paper and becomes a farmer. But, it turns out to be a harsh reality, as a farmer’s job is not so easy, and our pirate misses the sea. So, he tears up the amnesty, and he becomes a pirate again.” 

Photo by Lola Jouanne Voisin

Preorder Journal de B’O’R here.


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