“Flatliner” is the second single to be released from Inner Turmoil’s August 28 release Raised Through Aggression out via Upstate Records and Blood Blast Records.  Delving deep into a personal exploration of a person’s dark and haunted past, “Flatliner” opens the door into the harsh effects of abuse but also speaks of survival and perseverance.



Drummer and founding member Jeff Zalesak reflects, “Flatliner is kind of the follow-up to the original, demo song “One Choice Left” that I also wrote the lyrics for. Following the progression of realizations that saved my life. One Choice Left being the day I realized the only option left to was to get sober or kill myself because I couldn’t go on with my life the way I was living.

“‘Flatliner’ steps back in at a year sober having removed the poison, but not the pain. Realizing that childhood abuses, physical, sexual, and mental, that drugs helped me escape still haunted me. I realized I needed to seek help or my violent aggressive nature would kill me or someone else.

 The final cadence says it all. “I refuse to live my life like this. Time to change or pull the cord and end it all!”

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