Coming off his EP High Intellect, Low Income, LA based pop-punker Mr. Max has just released a new single video for his song “Roses.” A fun and farcical romp through the streets of California looking for love in all the wrong flower beds.

Check out the video for “Roses” below:

Giving a little insight into the song and video Mr. Max shared the following:

For Mr. Max, “Roses” is a very genuine and personal song. The song deals explicitly w/ anxiety/depression/mental illness/substance abuse – more specifically as millenials are experiencing these things due to lack of job opportunities, failure to form serious intimate relationships,  pressures to succeed/grow up, hopelessness, lack of purpose etc. Video was shot in May 2020. Creating during the time of Covid19 is one way to keep progress moving forward and deal with current stress and anxieties we are all enduring.

Get a copy of High Intellect, Low Income here.


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